Career Coaching

Nova Partners Career Guidance/Career Coaching

Career assessment and coaching helps you to discover what you really want to do with your career, then develop a strategy to achieve it.

Through our extensive recruitment experience, at Nova Partners, we have a strong knowledge of what organisations are looking for when recruiting key employees. We are fully licensed by the British Psychological Society in the administration and interpretation of a number of validated career inventories, ability tests, motivation, interests and values measurement tools.

We have a proven track record supporting people advancing their careers in the 3 key career decision making stages below:

Support for 2nd Level Students in choosing career or course options to suit their strengths, motivations and values.

Create self awareness to allow 3rd Level students to make the most of their qualifications, interpersonal skills and motivations. Additionally support is available in development of CV, interview and assessment centre skills.

Whether you’ve been made redundant or decided to change your career path, we have the expertise to allow you to put a plan in place to achieve your goals. Support is available in development of CV, interview tips and assessment centre skills.