Our Outplacement programme is focused on providing a pro-active and practical approach to finding a new job / alternative career. It is focused on assisting the individual in seeking and taking advantage of opportunities, embracing new challenges and facing the future with optimism.
In finding the next role the individual needs to be able to communicate to others the positive truth about their skills, capabilities and achievements and focus on the results they wish to create in the future. Without definite goals and a determined approach, they are at the mercy of the ‘job market’. With clear focus individuals can establish the actions required for their success.

We will help each person to:

  • Identify their strongest skills and experience.
  • Identify their key achievements.
  • Identify their short and long-term goals around what roles they would like to work in.
  • Create a CV which reflects their skills, experience and best achievements.
  • Identify effective Job search techniques and strategies.
  • Adopt successful approaches to responding to advertisements and completing application forms.
  • Explore and practice for successful interviewing.
  • Have a greater understanding about Assessment Centres and how to prepare for them.
  • Develop an action plan.


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