Psychometrics - Personality Profiling & Ability Testing

Personality profiling and ability testing are increasingly becoming integral to the selection process in organisations that focus on objectivity and ensuring that they choose the best candidate. When you are hiring, training or developing your employees, would it be useful to have answers to some of the following questions?

Profiling and psychometric assessments are essential, especially in the current economic climate, as companies begin to realise the true cost of hiring the ‘wrong’ person. Through profiling and psychometric assessments, candidates are fairly and effectively shortlisted for your company. It also ensures the best return from any investment in training or development.

At Nova Partners, we are licensed by the British Psychological Society to administer and interpret a wide variety of psychometric tools such as 16PF, OPQ, EiQ and Thomas International.

Types of Tools Available


Assesses ability to make decisions based on written information.


Assesses ability to understand arithmetic calculations.


Logical reasoning presented in the form of abstract shapes and diagrams.


Pictorial mechanical problems, useful for engineering & process roles (logical).


Rotation of shapes, useful for design & and occupation which requires an understanding of how parts fit together.

Personality Profiling

Measuring facets such as drive, determination, assertiveness, self-discipline, motivation, flexibility, interpersonal skills, integrity and leadership capability.

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