Learning & Development

As qualified and experienced Facilitators, Trainers and Coaches, we are perfectly placed to support you in fulfilling your people development goals. Nova Partners specialise in the development of individuals and teams allowing you to utilise the full potential of your greatest resource, your people. Our belief is that the first step in harnessing an individual, team or company’s potential is helping them understand their preferences, strengths and areas for development.

We are fully licensed by the British Psychological Society in the administration and interpretation of a number of team (MBTI and Belbin & Belbin) and personality profiles (16PF & DISC). We facilitate the definition of clear goals and provide support to ensure a positive outcome.

Nova Partners offer a range of training programmes to improve personal effectiveness for both companies and individuals including:

Working with you to define the need

Discover participant’s expectations

Individual awareness of strengths/gaps

Development and Coaching Intervention

Measure Change


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